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angelus1753 — LiveJournal
i have just read on google news that the sopa & the pipa bills have been shelved and there will be no vote on tuesday 24th yay so all the blackouts worked for a while now we can still use our internet the way we deserve  to use it .

lets see how long they take to try again   

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i am also can't wait to watch twilight breaking dawn . i never read the books and i never thought i whould like the films but i do . being a vamp addict i will watch any thing that has a mention of vamps in it . i am just starting to get into vampire diaries as well now but i don't like true blood the vamps look bad with there fangs. 

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i just saw the brilent trailer for joss whedons avengers and i must say it is awsome . i will defintly be watching this when it comes out next year may 2012. 

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